Our Face Mask Story

The notorious Covid-19 outbreak has been creating unprecedented impacts around the world since the beginning of 2020.  This challenge makes the western world shifts from doubtful to now general acceptance of wearing masks.

The lack of high quality but reasonably priced face mask in US and everywhere around the world is phenomenal. 

Santek, a 20-years-old veteran electronic manufacturer, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO14001, is determined to contribute to the world by manufacturing high quality face mask, making full use of our expertise and know-how in manufacturing and clean environment.

With the joint effort around the globe: US, R&D; Japan: product design;  China: machine investment , high quality raw material selection and project development.

Our team accomplished our goal from scratch to deliver in only 3 months.

With materials carefully sourced, products tested and certified, we aim to provide a high quality option for you to protect yourselves and your loved ones. We proudly presents our 3 layer non-woven masks in WHITE. We are under development for the next color mask - BLACK. Stay tuned!